the state or condition of BEINg IN the Presence of God

an Eternal state of communion with God





emanating from / rooted IN God




an INHERitance

something that IS passed down from preceding generations

a Birthright




to recieve by Will



The Name "The Heavenly HERitage" signifies the Heavenly INHERitance and HERitage that dWELLS withIN each and every One of us. It symbolizes the Eternal connection WE have with Creator and therefore CREATION, and the embracing of our Eternal identity as Daughters of God and allowing THAT identity to BE our INformant and compass. It IS the expression and emBodiment of this identity that IS the guiding Light toward and on the altruistic, Faithful, virtuous, and Fruitful paths that God INtended (for us All).

My name IS Anja and I AM IN Devotion to the deliverance of your rightful INHERitance of Peace & Prosperity.

My vision for you IS settling and softening INto Life, surrendering to God’s INeffable embrace and BEINg the exalted, reverent, Life-affirming Woman God INtended you to BE.

A Woman's Fruitfulness IS INtricately INtertwINed with Her Faithfulness. To BEar the WELLthy Fruits of Life, WE must remain steadfast IN our Devotion to the vocation God BEstowed and Live a Life IN Service to that.

Peace and Prosperity, are the offspring of a Woman’s Prayerfulness. Through Eternal communion with God, WE access our INnate INHERitance of serenity and WELLth. It IS through touching that place of Peace withIN ourSelves that WE BEgin to recognize the provision and Promise … and therefore, Prosperity, that permeates every moment.

Together, as a unified Heart, WE restore and reINtegrate Godly Truths INto the very fabric of our existence — INto our Blood, Bones and Body. IN this sacred pilgrimage, WE fertilize the seeds of the Future, promoting Creation IS rooted IN Wholeness and INTEGRITY.

My vision for you IS settling and softening INto Life, surrendering to God’s INeffable embrace and BEINg the exalted, reverent, Life-affirming Woman God INtended you to BE. 

Here on Earth, WE identify ourSelves IN many different ways, INcluding our place of Birth, our nationality, our profession, our skin color, our education background, the amount of money IN our bank account and so on. These Earthly identities are not wrong unless they supersede or INterfere with our Eternal identity — that of BEINg a Daughter of God. When these Earthly identity’s supersede or INterfere with our Eternal identity, WE operate from a false and fragmented Self, which Creates the illusion of separation IN our INHERently kincentric ecology.

Focusing solely on y(our) Earthly identity and therefore on y(our) lower centre Desires and appetitive Wills, Will never reveal His Plan for YOU. That IS, Your Purpose

It IS tempting to build y(our) identity on what IS “on paper”, on what you accomplish and on what IS quantifiable, tangible and measurable. It gives you the illusion of safety. It gives you the illusion of security. It gives you the illusion of surety. It gives you the illusion of stability. 

The reality IS that y(our) Worldly identity IS so fragile and fleeting.

When WE lose connection from the Source that IS the Source of ALL, WE BEgin to define ourSelves by the virtue of things impermanent. 

Through the impermanence of y(our) Worldly identity, you can always find solid ground IN God. Through the ever-changing Nature of y(our) Worldly identity, you are able to find solace and certainty IN Gods Presence and EMBRACE. 

The lack of permanence on Earth, allows us to KNOW His preciousness. 

IN God, WE find an enduring foundation and therefore an Eternal fountain.

God, IS unchanging. He IS reliable. He IS Devoted. He IS the same yesterday, today and ETERNALLY. When you find your identity IN Him, you Will ultimately Know Peace IN whatever God Purposes for you BEcause He has proven and Will prove time and time again to BE FAITHFUL. 

It IS quintessential that our preeminent identity IS as a Child of God. It IS quintessential that our preeminent identity IS rooted IN the Pure & True Word of God.

The Bible says that All Men and Women are Created IN God’s image.

That means that God Created you Perfect. Whole. Sound. IN INtegrity. 

God planned for you, to BE here. 

God Chose you, to BE an INstrument for Him.

God has appointed and anointed you, so that you can Faithfully do His work IN this World.

God Willed for you to BE aLive and Created you for a Purpose. 

God has planned to BEstow upon you opportUNITY’s to bear Fruits for Him. 

You WEre made by God and for God, and until you INnerstand that, you Will feel withheld from IN this Life. As a result, YOU will withhold FROM Life. 

Only IN God do WE discover our ORIGIN, our identity, our meaning, our Purpose, our significance, our design and our DESTINY.

God LovINgly designed every detail of your person. Everyday, God deLights IN the details of your precious Life. The Faith He INvests IN you everyday IS the Highest form of Love.

When you Know agape (God’s unconditional Love) … you never waiver on your Faith, for your Faith rests not on what or who you are … but rather, on WHO GOD IS. Which IS, a Faithful Father (despite your sINful or unFaithful ways). SINful or unFaithful as IN, going against Supreme Truth (that IS, LOVE).

When you Know that you WEre born BELoved … you never waiver from that LOVING centre and from that CORE.

Y(our) INnate, God-given INHERitance (of Peace & Prosperity) IS imperishable. Y(our) INnate, God-given INHERitance (of Peace & Prosperity) IS unspoiled. Y(our) INnate, God-given INHERitance (of Peace & Prosperity) IS reserved. Y(our) INnate, God-given INHERitance (of Peace & Prosperity) IS unfading.

There IS nothing you need to do, or BE IN order to “earn” or BE “eligible” to access that INHERitance. 

It IS yours to receive.

It IS received by and through BEINg rooted IN God. 

To BE rooted, IS to BE filled. To BE filled, IS to BE INSPIRED AND ENLIVENED. 

WE’ve BEen told that salvation means BEINg saved from Hell. However, that IS the result of salvation, not salvation itSelf. 

As I always like to say, Words themSelves tell a story …

The etymology of salvation IS “the saving of the soul,” “deliverance from the Power of sIN” and “admission to Eternal bliss.”

That IS that, salvation means BEINg saved from the Power of sIN and therefore the tendency / temptation to sIN and therefore the punishment of sIN.

The punishment of sIN BEINg LivINg IN pain and suffering … which IS LivINg IN Hell.  

Salvation IS admission INto Heaven Here & Now (Eternal Bliss) BEcause you no longer submit to the temptation to sIN. 

When you Know your Eternal identity and INHERitance, you Will not BE tempted or obedient to those temptations when others attempt to mold you IN the image of others or themSelves. You Will continue to Live from the Truth that you WEre / ARE made IN the image and likeness of God and that it IS your Destiny to succeed IN the eyes of God (not your Mother, or your sibling, or your neighbour, or whoever).

INvestment IN our Worldly identity leads to a temporary, and short-Lived ROI and Legacy. One that solely Serves THE SELF. One that dies with y(our) physical Body. 

Choosing to INvest IN y(our) Eternal identity leads to an ETERNAL and enduring ROI and Legacy. One that enriches and elevates the LivINg World and the entire Choir of Creation for the foreseeable Future. It leads to the tending, remembering and cultivating of a HEAVENLY HERITAGE that outLives y(our) physical existence. 

Founding, Grounding & Guiding Principles of The Heavenly HERitage:

~ our BElonging IS INHERent

~ our BELovedness IS INHERent

~ our value IS INnate IN the Eyes of God and transcends measurability

~ WE are a descendants / Children of God 

~ WE INHERit our vocation from God

~ WE are INstruments of God and are therefore forces AND SOURCES of CREATION

~ WE are All wired for Creation / to CREATE

~ answering God’s call (vocation) for you leaves BEhind a Heavenly HERitage for the LivINg World

~ God IS the ORIGIN of All that IS, it IS where WE All come from and it IS where WE All return

~ ritual / Prayer leads to a Faithful & Fruitful Life

It IS my Prayer that this commUNITY supports you IN remembering y(our) Perfection, so you can go forth and set the World aLight with y(our) INtegrity. 

It IS my Prayer that this commUNITY supports you IN reconciling All core contradictions and conflicts that Create disorder, disHarmony and dis-ease INternally and therefore externally.

It IS my Prayer that this commUNITY supports you IN realizing and remembering that you are a tuning fork and a DivINe INstrument of Love IN a Holy orchestra of INvolution and TRANSCENDENCE (trance-ending).

It IS my Prayer that this commUNITY supports you connecting WITH and accessing your Heavenly INHERitance of Peace and Prosperity, so that you can pass on a Heavenly HERitage. 


May you continue to walk with Faith … KnowINg that there IS always Promise, Provision, Peace and Prosperity available to you IN your Eternal identity as a Daughter of God.