"The first path a human being ever travels is the path that leads out of the maternal womb. Every human being's first labyrinth is that of woman.” — Jacques Attali

Do you view Birth as a maze (multi-cursal) or as a LABYRINTH (unicursal)?

One Way to approach Birth IS as a maze, a multi-cursal and multi-branchINg, confusINg, chaotic and complex network of Paths, twists, turns, dead ends and Choices that can leave you feelINg lost, hopeless and helpless. OrientINg yourSelf to Birth IN thIS Way can disable your sense of Faith, for you never Know if you Will eventually arrive and BE DELIVERED.

Another Way to approach Birth IS as a labyrINth, which IN my personal Truth system, IS a more Purposeful and INtentional journey that requires us to navigate a unicursal yet unwaverINg Path toward certaIN arrival and deliverance. When you orient yourSelf to Birth as a maze rather than a labyrINth, you may find yourSelf IN a perpetual state of seekINg, rather than LivINg IN a state of KNOWING and tHerefore, surrender, exaltation and embracement.

At first glance, the maze and labyrINth might seem like INterchangeable concepts. Both INvolve navigatINg through a complex network of Paths, and both require us to make Choices and decisions along the Way. However, tHere are some key differences BEtween the two that have important implications for how WE approach, and tHerefore experience Birth.

A maze IS a puzzle that IS designed to BE confusINg and challengINg. The goal of a maze IS to fINd your Way to the end, however tHere are often dead ends, illusions, false paths, false Promises and other obstacles that can make the journey more difficult. A maze has different entry and exit points as WELL. When you approach Birth as a maze, you see it as a strINg / series of obstacles and challenges that you need to overcome IN order to achieve and attaIN arrival and deliverance. You may often feel disHeartened or discouraged when you hit dead ends or encounter unexpected obstacles, and you might struggle to fINd your Way.

On the other hand, a labyrINth IS a more defINed and refINed Path. It IS sophisticatedly simple by design. Unlike a maze, a labyrINth has One ultimate wINding path that leads to and from a central poINt. Although the Path might wINd and turn, it INevitably leads to the same centre. A labyrINth has only One entrance poINt and that IS also the exit poINt. When you approach Birth as a labyrINth, you see it as a journey that has a clear Purpose and direction — as a result you are able to move along the Path with confidence, courage, charisma, conviction and clarity, and you are able to stay on course even when you encounter challenges or obstacles. Even when you don’t Know how close you are to “the end,” you can Root and REST IN the KnowINg that you are only and ALWAYS movINg forward and toward arrival and deliverance.

The eleven-circuit labyrINth, IS symbolic of Christ’s cross with its four quadrants.

If thIS resonated with you I INvite you to —

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